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At the core of what we do at Fiamma Life is bring the world's best chocolate to you as a beautiful, sensory experience - and we can't stress how important providing you with an exceptional chocolate experience is to us.


However, it has to be more than that, and we work hard to ensure we are more than just the world's best chocolate, but our chocolate is good for the world too.


Ethical chocolate is important as almost all cocoa is grown in developing countries and often under terrible conditions including forced labour and child labour.

But not all chocolate.

Our chocolate is ethically sourced!

Ethics are implicit to our chocolate. All of the companies we work with have a genuine and pro-active approach of working with and supporting all facets of the growing communities.


Our chocolate comes from the top 2% of cocoa beans grown worldwide, and the boutique companies we work with need to protect this scare, quality.


As such, they always pay above fair prices, and work at a community level with growers and their communities.

Importantly, industry related money is retained in growing countries (developing countries) and local communities and traditions are supported.


Beautiful packaging and the experience of unwrapping is central to what we do, but it shouldn't come at the expense of the environment.

Where possible, our packaging is environmentally friendly.

The average Australian produces

1.5 tonnes of waste per year, and much of this comes from plastic packaging and food waste. We don't want to contribute to this.


We are actively working towards a fully sustainable packaging model where all packaging is from sustainable resources, recyclable, and/or compostable.


Already, our mailers are fully compostable.


Our printing is from post-consumer recycled materials and the paper company is 100% carbon neutral. Inks used are non-toxic UV printing.

Even our courier company is Australia's first fully carbon neutral courier.