We partner with your business to deliver exceptional experiences and brand capital to your stakeholders

through unique corporate gifting and memorable events.


Corporate gifting is more than just a present.

We all know that showing appreciation is at the heart of corporate gifting, however we know from our own corporate background, just as important as demonstrating appreciation is a gifting solution that supports your brand and business objectives.

Our beautifully curated and packaged chocolate experiences deliver a unique and memorable gift for your clients and stakeholders, with an exceptional quality and refinement to help your brand stand out.

Plus, we're very aware that you are busy and need an easy way to order and have confidence around seamless delivery.
We make this process easy for you.



Nothing builds exceptional relationships better than a shared experience. 

Whether it’s building effective teams, engaging with your clients and partners or building brand loyalty – we have experiences to engage your stakeholders, align with your strategic vision and contribute to your business growth. And of course, we’ll have fun!

Like our gifting experiences, our events are of exceptional quality and always unique and memorable to help your brand stand out. This isn’t yet another corporate cheese and wine night; instead we create immersive chocolate experiences, cheese and whisky pairing, Italian food indulgences and other unique foodie adventures.

fiamma is Italian for flame

live life with flame