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We work with you to create unique corporate and bespoke events.

Experiences to impress your guests, and have them raving about your brand long after your event has passed.

We immerse your stakeholders into the world of exceptional chocolate - the world's best - redefining what they think chocolate is; a quality they most likely have never experienced before your event.  Or take the experience further, perhaps we pair fine whisky with chocolate, or indulge in other amazing food experiences - in short, chat to us to design something special.

Let's chat about your next event.

Chocolate Appreciation

Our signature event. We take your guests on a journey. An experience redefining what chocolate is; an indulgence tasting the best chocolate in the world, from boutique European producers through to local artisans.

As we taste we entertain your guests with the chocolate's fascinating history, from Aztec blood-letting ceremonies, to the debauchery of European cocoa houses, to what we know today. To get the most out of the experience, we practice the 'art of immersion' and activate your five senses.


A fabulous experience on its own, or you can take it to another level by pairing chocolate with whisky or gin.


Chocolate + Whisky

Chocolate and whisky share a lot of characteristics, not least both elicit great passion for their varied and intricate tastes. And when matched well, they pair beautifully, creating a unique and engaging exploration of taste and engagement.

Not only is this a truly unique and memorable event, but we provide an experience where your guests are invited to truly taste and experience, and discover that when you play with taste, exceptional things happen. Something they can take with them long after your event.

Cheese & Whisky

Starting with fine whisky, we select from some of the best specialist cheeses available for a pairing that balances and heightens the flavours of both the whisky and cheese - delivering a truly integrated taste experience.

This experience offers a fabulous point of difference for your guests; not another corporate cheese and wine event, but a unique and immersive pairing.


If you've not matched cheese and whisky together, do be warned, they pair beautifully, and cheese on its own may never be the same again.

Chocolate & Cocktails

Our signature Chocolate and Cocktail Experience online! Three cocktails, four chocolates, one exceptional experience.


A unique experience, perfectly crafted to immerse you in two hours of online sensory adventure, pairing the best chocolate in the world with the best cocktails - all in the comfort of your home and the only of it's type in Australia.

Brought to you by your experts for the evening, Shari Aubrey from Fiamma Chocolate, and Max Beal from Monsieur Cocktail.


fiamma is Italian for flame

live life with flame