Standard shipping time frames are 2-3 days for most areas, however if you're based in Melbourne (like us) it's likely you'll receive your chocolate a little sooner.

Order Processing

Most standard orders are processed within 24 hours and avaialble for shipping after that; although larger corporate orders may be 48 hours given we customise your order with hand written notes etc.

Please note, during the Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty, your shipment may be delayed by a day or two. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


Once your shipping is booked, you'll receive confirmation from us, and your tracking number. For large corporate orders we will provide a spreadsheet or similar list to track your different delveries.

Express Shipping

Can't wait for your chocolate? Or just forgot to buy that present? Australia Post Express Shipping is avaialble, please get in touch to request.
Please note, additional shipping fees apply.

International Shipping

We do occassionally ship internationally, because good chocolate is hard to find in many countries, or folks want to send an exceptional gift across the seas. Rates and time frames will differ depending on the country and what you're sending, so if this is something you're interested in, get in touch.

Don't Forget the Environment

As a side note, we are proud that our primary shipping company is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery company. In addition, your chocolate will be delivered in fully compostible mailer bags (with the highest compost certification).


Chocolate is wonderful but there is one reality we cannot get around, and that is chocolate hates heat. As such, we have a hot weather policy that when the mercury soars above 30 degrees celcius, we may hold off sending your order until more chocolate friendly conditions have returned. This will over-ride our normal shipping time frames, however we will notify you by text message where this is required and of course when your chocolate is shipped.

In addition, any orders received after 12pm on Thursday during warm weather may not be shipped until Monday. This avoids your chocolate sitting sweltering in a hot shipping warehouse over the weekend.

During summer months you will have the option to select Express Shipping which is typically overnight delivery, and all going well with Australia Post it limits the amount of time your chocolate spends in transit, but if it's too hot we may still withhold shipping until a little cooler.

The good news. During hot weather we add a few extra steps to protect your chocolate. We will only ship later in the day, and we will add ice-packs to shipments. Refunds are not avaialble for chocolate affected by weather conditions, unless we have been at fault.


IMPORTANT: during hot weather please ensure your chocolate is delivered somewhere it can be received immediately. Please do not have it delivered to home if it may be sitting on your front door step for five hours in the sun (even consider this during winter when the sun can be hot if in direct contact). We cannot be responsibile for chocolate that has been left outside in summer.

We don't mean for this to all sound doom and gloom, we just need to be transparent. If in doubt, get in contact and we'll work out the best solution.


It is important to us you are happy and in the event something is not right, we  prefer to work with our customers to achieve happy resoluton where we can.

If your chocoalate or a service provided by us is found to be faulty, damaged or not as described, we will offer a replacement. Depending on the circumstances, we may ask for the goods to be returned, or for documentation as evidence, e.g. photos. We will cover any postage associated with replacing an item if it is faulty.

Where a service is found to be faulty, damaged or not as described and cannot be replaced, we will offer a partial or full refund, depending upon the agreed nature of the issue experienced.

Unfortuantely, due to the nature of what we sell (food) we cannot offer an exchange for change of mind, but if in doubt please get in touch to discuss.




A 30% deposit is required to confirm all bespoke and corporate events.

Full payment is required within 48 hours of your event or as agreed.

All payments will be invoiced to you, or the person you've nominated.


We will always work with you to reschedule your event and/or booking to something that suits you, however sometimes this just doesn’t work, in which case you may cancel under the following terms:

Bespoke/corporate event booking

Cancellation received:

  • More than 14 before the event – 100% refund of your deposit.

  • Less than 14 days before the event – 50% refund of your deposit.

  • We can reschedule your event if notified within 7 days of the event.

Please note, during the Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty we understand things change and as such we are happy to reschedule your event irrespecitve of  when you are able to notify us. 

Public event booking (e.g. a Fiamma Life event you can buy tickets for).

Cancellation received:

  • More than 7 days before the event - 100% refund

  • Less than 7 days before the event – 50% refund.

  • We can reschedule your booking if notified 24-hours before the event.

Please note, during the Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainty we understand things change and as such we are happy to reschedule your event irrespecitve of  when you are able to notify us. 


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments (please enquire for details)