Measure The Success of Your Next Corporate Event

Christmas is coming which means corporate events are on their way. Of course, when you’re planning your next event, you’ve invested both effort and budget – but how do you measure success? Even more difficult, how do you measure ROI?

It can be a tricky measurement, because unless you’re looking to convert clients at the event or directly after, it’s often subjective, but is it worth giving consideration to when planning your next event?

Interestingly, the core metric most businesses use to measure both success and ROI is the same – attendee satisfaction. Which is fine on paper - put on a good event and people are satisfied. But what is a good event?

This is something businesses are questioning, particularly in competitive environments, because we know 62% of businesses surveyed list an innovative/unique event idea as a top concern – in fact their second biggest, only trumped by budget considerations (82%).

Before you even start thinking about measuring success and ROI, we recommend you put some thought into a unique event idea, something that will pique the interest of your attendees as soon as they receive their invite, because you have the opportunity to generate satisfaction from that very first interaction, that can then carry through until long after your event has finished.

Once you’ve got a unique event idea, here’s some inspiration you can use to measure your event success and ROI … even though some metrics are a little underwhelming in ambition - ‘no health and safety incidents’ anyone.

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