5 Ways to Support Small Local Business This Xmas 🎄

It is estimated that 98 per cent of the 2.4 million businesses in Australia are small businesses and family enterprises - and we all know most of these have been hit hard by the pandemic.

⭐ GOOD NEWS ⭐ research reveals nearly 4 in 5 Australian shoppers (79 per cent) will proactively support small businesses in their recovery in the next 12 months, by spending with them rather than with big businesses - and you can easily help just by considering where you spend your Christmas dollars.

1. CHOOSE LOCAL SERVICES. Choose services by small, independent businesses in your local areas - from hair and beauty salons, to dental and medical treatments, to accounting services. Tips can also go a long way to help small businesses. If you receive exceptional service, consider popping spare change into the tip jar at the local café or similar you frequent.

2. BUY FROM LOCAL RETAILERS. Online marketplaces and department stores often stock large, multinational brands - and even when they stock local, a cut is going to the retailer. Plus, large retailers have greater access to logistics and stock during this time; whereas behind the scenes small businesses are working harder than ever to guarantee business as usual - buying small makes this hard work worthwhile.

3. CONSIDER GFIT CARDS. Small businesses may be suffering from a limited range of goods and small stock levels thanks to Covid, however, many stores offer gift cards - and stock levels will return to normal soon. Gift cards make a great Christmas gift option.

4. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. An indirect way of supporting local business is to follow their social media and subscribe to their newsletter. Also, if you love a product or service from a local business, post about it on social media and share your enthusiasm for what they do.

5. GIVE EXTRA ❤️ TO VICTORIA. The extended lockdown was particularly tough on small businesses in Victoria, where we are based, and they need more support than ever as they work towards economic recovery. Consider seeking out Victorian-based businesses - or businesses in the town/city you live near that has been hit particularly hard by the pandemic and lockdowns.

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