Valentine's Day | The Art of the Love Note

Five simple tips to help you write the perfect love note this Valentine’s Day.

It may be 2021 but a hand written note can still make your lover/partner's heart sing - yet getting the perfect love note right can be really hard - what to say? But get it right and you’ll thrill that special person in your life.

From what we see as gifting specialists, people love a gift and it’s often a handwritten note that has the most impact because it’s intimate - and often kept long after a gift has passed. And when re-discovered years later a well-crafted message will have the same impact it did on the day you wrote it!

So get cracking and master the art of the perfect love note this Valentine’s Day with these five simple tips.

1. Have the right materials - it may sound obvious but start with the basics. Have a card or beautiful paper, a pen that won’t smudge and isn’t green ink (unless you like green ink). And anything else you may want to add - a photo, a little glitter, anything quirky that means something to you.

2. Take some time to think - it’s easy to rush card writing, scrawling something to just tick the Valentine’s box. But spending a little time to think through what to write will pay dividends. And your phone is your friend - take a few notes and do some research and I guarantee this will ‘up’ your note writing game.

3. Be brave - be open to sharing how you feel. The reason you’re reading this article is you want to make someone you care about feel great. Be vulnerable and express it; because when you express your feelings, you make the other person feel seen and loved.

4. Be true to your style - not all love notes need to be flowery expressions of affection. Embrace your style - they’re into you for you who are, so flaunt that style - whether it’s a quirky pun, a literary quote, or a little smutty humour. If you’re funny, don’t underestimate the power of a giggle with your Valentine’s message; one of the best funny notes I’ve seen recently is ‘I love you more than Kayne loves Kayne’.

5. Use tools to inspire you - still struggling for something to write? There’s not much in the world that hasn’t been said before, so Google is great for love note inspo. You’ll find a plethora of quotes that nail exactly how you feel, or something you can tweak into your perfect note. But do be warned, online can be of dubious quality (hello overly flowery love notes) which is why I’ve created a list of the best real-life Valentine's Day messages thanks to the insight I’ve had into my client’s notes and the way they express love.