Birdsnake | Coco Mylk Chocolate

Birdsnake | Coco Mylk Chocolate


Mylk Chocolate 50% (Vegan) | Dairy free milk chocolate with a strong chocolate hit and notes of brown sugar and coconut.


Limited edition mylk chocolate from Melbourne chocolate maker Birdsnake. A very high cocoa content for a milk chocolate (50% from Tanzanian beans) helps this chocolate deliver a hefty chocolate hit that it follows up with tones of brown sugar sweetness and hints of coconut.


Called myllk because this plant-based milk chocolate is made from coconut milk rather than traditional cow's milk - however, this is one of the few plant based milk chocolates I've tasted that doesn't compromise on taste and texture, not least thanks to it's hefty cocoa content.


Bar Size: 65g


Ingredients:  Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter


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About Birdsnake


Birdsnake are a Melbourne based chocolate business who are not only passionate about making quality chocolate, but doing so ethically. As a bean to bar producer they source their beans directly from farmers which ensures quality and transparency in price paid and conditions (in an industry that isn't always so sweet).

Their distinctive name and packaging tell a story that goes back thousands of years; to the first consumers of cocoa - the Mesoamericans (Mayan and Aztecs) and their belief that cacao was originally given to humans by a giant feathered serpent, which appeals to us.


Birdsnake prides itself on being vegan, non-GMO and no emulsifiers.