Cuvèe - Soleo 42%

Cuvèe - Soleo 42%

SKU: C042

MILK CHOCOLATE 42% - a very smooth milk chocolate with strong caramel notes, slight nuttiness finishing with a unique and interesting smokiness.


This unique chocolate begins with carefully selected cocoa sourced from the island of Makira in Oceania with beans fermented and dried under the supervision of one man, Lenard Nahurua.


Continuing with the meticulous care taken by another during roast and conching… Melbourne Chocolatier Deniz Karaca. The two men combine their craftsmanship into a milk chocolate like no other.


Soleo impresses with an unparalleled level of smoothness, strong hints of caramel and an ever so slight nuttiness, making it one of our favourites.


Size: 70g


Cuvèe is a local (Melbourne) small batch bean to bar producer who specifically crafts their chocolate to be paired with wine and other tipples.

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