Domori - Criollo 100%

Domori - Criollo 100%


If I had to pick a favourite brand in the world it is Domori from Italy!


Criollo is the most precious variety of aromatic cocoa, possessing unique creaminess, roundness and sweetness. You can’t find it anywhere else. 


In the 100% blend version, this bar stands out on the palate with its extraordinary persistence and balance. It has a rich, round and elegant aromatic profile. It is the perfect choice for those who want to discover the authentic nature of cocoa: chocolate without added sugar, which expresses all the natural aromas of Criollo.


Block Size: 25g




Criollo is the most prized variety of cacao, and was at risk of extinction: it is the cacao of the Mayas and the Aztecs, whose cultivation has been progressively abandoned due to its low yield. It's rare and fragile cacao and represents only 0.001% of the cocoa produced in the world.


The quality of this cacao is unmatched: naturally free of tannins, the Criollo boats a creaminess, roundedness, and sweetness that are unique in the world. With the Criollo Project, founded in 1994  thanks to Gianluca Franzoni, Domori has recovered this precious variety of cacao, setting up the Hacienda San José, the largest Criollo plantation in the world, in Venezuela.