Domori - Peru 70%

Domori - Peru 70%


If I had to pick a favourite brand in the world it is Domori from Italy!


From the Apurimac river area in southern Perù, a recently created hybrid (Trinitario Cocoa) with notes of flowers caramel and cream. Very delicate, with a discret acidity and a fresh taste that makes it a protagonist in high level patisserie production and in cocktails.


Block Size: 50g


A delicate freshness and a discreet acidity enrich the sensory profile of this cacao  from inland Peru, cultivated in the land enclosed by the Rivers Ucayali and Marañon. It  was along the Rio Ucayali that Europeans first came into contact with South American  cacao, and it is in the land enclosed by Peru's generous watercourses that cacao's  wildest origins lie: these could be the lands where all the existing species of Theobroma,  the cacao plant, began.


The Peru Single Origin carries the flavour of social redemption: the Trinitario cacao  selected by Domori is sourced from the Sumaqao cooperative plantations, which groups together small, local, marginalised farmers who have managed to create a  living by cultivating cacao in three main areas, Vrae, Ayacucho and San Martin.