Foundry Chocolate - Karkar Island, PNG - 70%

Foundry Chocolate - Karkar Island, PNG - 70%


DARK 70% - intense flavours of lychee, pawpaw and cream.


Grown on the slopes of an active volcano, these cocoa beans from the Kulkul Plantation, Karkar Island, Papua New Guinea produce a silken chocolate bursting with tropical vibrancy and quirkiness - evoking intense flavours of lychee, pawpaw and cream.


70g Bar


Foundry Chocolate is hand-crafted in micro batches in New Zealand with just two ingredients - cocoa bean and a little sugar. So small are the batches each bar is hand numbered - which number will you get?


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About Kulkul Plantation


This cacao is grown at Barbara and Paul Goodyear’s Kulkul Plantation, on the slopes of the actively volcanic Karkar Island, where it is intercropped with coconut. Karkar Island is located about 30km off the north coast of Papua New Guinea, it is both one of the most fertile locations in the country, and also one of the most active volcanoes. The 1831m volcano last erupted in 2013, and also had major eruptions in the 1970’s.


A single road that runs the entire length of the island which is 25km long and 19km wide, and has a population of approximately 70,000.


The Goodyear family have a long history on the island and connection with the community. Barbara and Paul have developed their own unique tasting Trinitario varieties over many years.


Foundry purchase the beans directly from Barbara and Paul, and they get transported by boat to the mainland.