Republica del Cocoa - 'Amazonia' 75%

Republica del Cocoa - 'Amazonia' 75%


Dark.  A subtle, unique and surprising chocolate with woody and almond notes


Grown deep in the Amazon, and made from the rare Sacha bean,  this high cocoa content (75%) chocolate surprises with a well rounded profile with notes of sweet dried nuts like almonds and hazelnuts.


It also presents delicate coconut notes with an intense roasted cacao taste and a long aftertaste. Its earthy and woody flavors are reminiscent of a forest.


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Republica del Cocoa proudly source their ingredients locally, supporting local farmers and economic growth. This chocolate uses a selection of fine Arriba beans from cocoa beans in this chocolate come from the towns of Quininde and Borbon in Ecuador. The sugar comes from just over the Ecuador border, from selected farms on the Colombian coastal plains of Guachene.

  • Hot Weather Policy

    We are passionate about ensuring your chocolate arrives in perfect condition (i.e. not melted). Therefore, if the weather is over 30 degrees we may withhold posting until the temperature drops a little. However, if this occurs, we will always send a text message to ensure you are informed.

  • Milk and Nuts

    Where marked, our chocolate are both vegan and nut free, however do note the chocolate is processed in factories where they also process milk and nuts.