Republica del Cocoa - Ecuador 40%

Republica del Cocoa - Ecuador 40%


Milk. Republica del Cocoa have revived an ancient chocolate making process that enables them to slowly and naturally caramelise the milk.


Their Ecuador 40% milk chocolate has warm and complex caramel flavors that differentiates it from other chocolates. Its finale reveals notes of honey, roasted nuts and warm biscuits.


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Republica del Cocoa proudly source their ingredients locally, supporting local farmers and economic growth. The cocoa beans in this chocolate come from the towns of Quininde and  Borbon in Ecuador, the milk comes from the provinces and Azuay,  Canar, Chimborazo and Morona Santiago. The sugar comes from just over the Ecuador border, from selected farms on the Colombian coastal plains of Guachene.

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