Valrhona - Caramélia Milk & Crunchy Pearls 36%

Valrhona - Caramélia Milk & Crunchy Pearls 36%


Caramel Milk 36% - soft, rich & voluptuous. Intense salted caramel with textural crunch!


Caramélia stands out with its rich milky flavor and compelling taste of salted butter caramel. And then Valrhona take this next level, by adding crunchy 'pearls' - tiny crispy cereal pieces. A dangerously good combination!

But back to the caramel - this bar has no caramel flavoured - that would be cheating!


Valrhona instead makes real French caramel crafted from skim milk and butter and adds this to delectable milk chocolate.


85g Bar

Contains gluten.

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