Valrhona - Passionfruit Inspiration - 32%

Valrhona - Passionfruit Inspiration - 32%


Smooth, sweet, tart and intense passionfruit flavour - naturally dairy free.


An exceptional chocolate alternative. Made with 32% cocoa butter you start with an incredible smooth chocolate texutre - however, with no cocoa mass (the brown stuff) this allows an authentic passionfruit flavour to sing.


Made from 100% natural ingredients - no preservatives, added colors, or artificial flavors - the intense passionfruit flavour comes from the addition of 18% passuinfruit juice. Oh, and naturally dairy free making this vegan friendly.


Is it chocolate, or is it paasionfruit? You decide.


Either way, it's a very unique and exceptional experience, whether you're nibbilng for snacks or baking up a storm where this shines as an addition.


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Recipes using Passionfruit Inspirations

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